What is a Deep Teeth Cleaning?

Also referred to as a dental scaling, deep teeth scaling, deep cleaning, and scaling and root planing


As opposed to an ordinary teeth cleaning, a Deep Teeth Cleaning is the first line of treatment for patients with gum disease, also referred to as periodontal disease. The procedure goes by many common names, such as “dental scaling”, “scaling and root planning”, “deep teeth scaling”, and “deep cleaning”.


The cause of gum disease is an accumulation of bacteria and plaque between your gums and your teeth. In the area where your gum tissue touches each tooth, there is a little pocket or sulcus. Bacteria can enter accumulate in this pocket and cause inflammation of your gums. Furthermore, without treatment, the inflammation can worsen and eventually damage the bone that underlies the gums and holds your teeth in place. This bacterial infection is referred to as gum disease or medically called periodontal disease.


The first step of treating gum disease is to remove the bacteria and plaque that has accumulated in the pocket between your gums and your teeth. In order to accomplish this task, a Deep Teeth Cleaning is needed. In this procedure, we uses special instruments below your gum line and cleans out everything. In order to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure,  we will numb the area. The deep cleaning is divided into quadrants (such as the upper right teeth, upper left teeth, lower left teeth, and lower right teeth). Due to the procedure’s detailed nature and the use of a numbing agent, only one or two quadrants are typically completed in each visit.


If you compare a Deep Teeth Cleaning to an ordinary cleaning, an ordinary cleaning involves removing the plaque that is on the visible surfaces of your teeth. During a Deep Teeth Cleaning, bacteria is removed from deep below the gum line.


At  Atlantis  Dental, our goal is to prevent gum disease in all of our patients. If a patient does have gum disease, we do everything possible to immediately treat the serious condition and prevent it from returning.

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