Teeth cleaning: How often?

Is a tooth cleaning necessary every 6 months?


Actually, some people should visit a hygienist more often than others. For most people with healthy gums and teeth, hygiene appointments should be scheduled every six months. However, if one of the following pertains to you, more frequent cleanings may be recommended:

Gum disease 
If you have active gum disease, you should certainly be seeing for treatment, including frequent deep cleanings. If you were previously diagnosed with gum disease and the condition improved, dental cleanings are typically needed more often to prevent relapse.


Extensive dental work

Regular brushing and flossing is not always sufficient if you have many crowns, bridges, or implants. If you have extensive dental work, you should speak to your hygienist about whether more frequent cleanings are recommended.


Certain medical conditions and prescription medications
Actually, some medical conditions (like sjogren’s syndrome) and medications (like certain seizure and high blood pressure drugs) can exacerbate inflammation of your gums. You should always speak with your dentist and hygienist about your complete medical history to ensure proper treatment.


Inadequate brushing or flossing

If your oral hygiene is inadequate, the first step is to help you develop proper brushing and flossing techniques. Your hygienist will work closely with you to create an individual plan of action and will probably recommend routine visits to monitor progress.



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