Achieving Beautiful Dental health

Preventing gum disease takes 15 minutes per day


Your dental health is extremely important, not only to your smile but also to your overall health. Everything in your body is connected, and research continues to show the link between a healthy mouth and a healthy body.

Actually, keeping your teeth clean and your gums healthy is not as hard as people think. The most important aspects to achieve dental health are:


Brushing at least twice per day at the correct times
Unfortunately, people brush at times that are not ideal. People wake up and immediately brush their teeth. However, the point of brushing is to remove plaque, food, and bacteria. Thus, you should wait until after breakfast to first brush. Also, you want to brush after the last thing you eat before bed. Some people brush after dinner but have a snack later in the night. Without brushing after the snack, you are going to sleep with food on your teeth.


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Flossing once per day
When you brush, the bristles cannot enter the crevice between your teeth. So, without flossing, you are missing around 30-40% of the surfaces of your teeth. (Learn more about to floss.)

Smoking cessation
Smoking is one of the leading risk factors of gum disease, so quitting smoking is important to achieving dental health.

Chew sugar-free gum that contains Xylitol
Research indicates that Xylitol may be able to reduce caries. When choosing gum, you should look for one that is sugar free and contains Xylitol.

Routine teeth cleanings and dental visits
The key to dental health is prevention. At routine dental visits, your hygienist will be able to remove the plaque that regular brushing and flossing cannot. Also, your dentist will treat any existing problems as early as possible and prevent potential problems from occurring.

Routine visits to your physician
Your medical health and oral health are closely intertwined. Routine physicals, steady exercise and a balanced diet should not only help your overall health but also your smile.



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