Our Commitment

We are committed to providing our patients with optimal functional, cosmetic, and preventive care, performed with tender loving care. Our purpose is to help our patients keep all of their teeth the rest of their lives whenever possible. Dr. Zangooei and our staff believe in complete dentistry, which includes re-engineering the bite when necessary. Providing functional, comfortable, quality, long-lasting, and aesthetic dental care is our goal. This belief is backed up by our World-Class Ten-Year Porcelain Warranty.

Every procedure performed in this office will be accomplished to the very best of our ability, and our abilities will never cease to grow and to improve through our continuous quest for excellence. All our staff members are motivated and enthusiastic about dentistry, and all exhibit a passion for their work and for the care of our patients.

We are committed to providing the greatest value to our patients by seeking the highest level of dental education in both functional and aesthetic dentistry.

We are committed to ensuring the quality of our dental work. Only the finest dental materials and most advanced dental equipment are used, and every phase of our diagnostic and clinical work is done with the utmost care, skill, and knowledge. We utilize our own in-house dental laboratory, work with world-class porcelain technicians, and create some of the finest cosmetic and restorative treatments available. All work is backed by our World-Class Ten-Year Porcelain Warranty.

We are committed to everyones safety and protection. All of us are concerned about the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during the process of dental treatment. We are also sensitive to the  regulations, which keep our patients personal information confidential.

For your protection, our philosophy is this: If we cant heat-sterilize it, we dispose of it. All  public health regulations are met or surpassed in our office. We will gladly answer any questions about the methods we use to help ensure your health and safety.

The setting for our dental office typifies the care and comfort provided to our patients.

Dr. Zangooei believes that all dental treatment should be done with the patients comfort in mind. 

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